Where Austin Meets Shoreditch

In a country with a drinking age of 18 and a huge population of people from countries like Ireland who are known for their drinking, having a variety or liquors at your disposal at all times of the day is a vital part of London and U.K. culture.

Going out in London means paying at least five pounds for a beer and at least nine for any drink that actually tastes decent.

This city is drowning in alcohol but what they’re missing is a alcohol company with a cool factor. From Bacardi to Guinness, the liquor companies here are as old as the buildings the bars sit in. They’re lacking the one thing that Shoreditch hipsters value most and that is the new, underground and unheard of thing that makes them different from the masses. Deep Eddy Vodka could be that thing.

636066108570060292-1541427801_image223 (1)

Deep Eddy is an Austin, Texas based company that began in 2010 and currently distributes to all 50 states in the U.S. Not only do they still produce their product out of their native Austin, they sponsor many city-wide events like Austin City Limits Music Festival as well as being the main sponsor of the annual free Blues on the Green concert series. Their devotion to live music, keeping cool and supporting their community would translate perfectly into the more hipster boroughs of London.


With so many well-known competitors here already, it is important for Deep Eddy to make an impact with its arrival. The perfect way to show the community who they are at their core as well as get their name out their would be to host a free live music event at a hip rooftop bar, like Big Chill in Shoreditch, complete with local bands and foods, free merch and of course, Deep Eddy Vodka, both for free tastings and for sale in drinks and bottles.

Hipster Haven AKA Shoreditch

By drumming up local media coverage through local Hackney and Shoreditch publications like the Hackney Post and Made in Shoreditch, they could appeal to the local young people as well as local business owners who may be interested in participating in the event by contributing food, entertainment, locally made products etc.. It would also be wise to appeal to more traditional media outlets that perhaps lean more liberal like The Independent and The Guardian as that is more likely to have young readers.

Possible venue The Big Chill in Shoreditch

By creating media coverage and hosting an event that is tailored to the community, gets them involved and peaks their interest, Deep Eddy could make a name for themselves as the “Official Drink of London Hipsters”.

Yours Politely, Natalie


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