Making Our Mark

One of the things I was most excited about when coming on this trip was seeing things that are old. Like really, really old. The fact that there are buildings here that were built thousands of years before America was even “discovered” excited and fascinated me.

Over the weekend, a group of us went to Dover to see the coast and the famous white cliffs. What really sold it for us though was Dover Castle.

Perched up on a hill overlooking the picturesque town and the distant cliffs, Dover Castle is the largest castle in England, dating back to around 1180. While castles aren’t the beautiful, ornate palaces of Disney due to their functionality as a literal fortress, it’s shear size and looming presence on the hill was breathtaking.

Thinking about the history inside the walls and all of the lives that have shared that space solidified how huge and mind blowing the world really is.

This weekend, we took a trip to Rome, a city dripping in history. While London is old, Rome is ancient.

Everywhere you look there’s buildings older than you can wrap your head around from the Coliseum, which was completed in 80 AD to the oldest fully complete building still standing which was from the first century.

Seeing this history and walking the halls of buildings built by civilizations long since extinct puts into perspective how much your life doesn’t matter. But also, how much it does.

Our individual lives may be forgotten in a few short centuries but the impact we make and the things we leave behind may inspire and amaze future generations who might find solace in knowing about those that came before and that they aren’t the only ones desperate to leave a mark on this earth.


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