Still Coming Together…60 Years Later

Liverpool is a shipping town on the western coast of England. With a long history of importing and exporting of goods by sea, its quite unique that their biggest export ended up being the music of four local kids. The Beatles left their undeniable mark on the world when they introduced and entirely new genre of music, ushering in an era of teen Beatlemania, rock and roll and the idea of a “boyband”.

The Beatles not only changed the course of music history and shared their culture with the rest of the world but they forever changed the future of a the northern shipping town they called home.

As soon as you step foot in this town, their imprint is obvious, from the “Fab 4 Cafe” to the larger than life statue of them walking through town, its clear The Beatles never really left.

The biggest and most well known of these “attractions” is The Cavern Club, a tiny club on Matthews Street that was the starting point for the Fab 4 and has hosted countless major artists like Liam Gallagher, Adele, Arctic Monkeys and more. While it has been rebuilt as a sort of replica/shrine/gift shop for Beatles fans, the history and legend lives on within those walls.

We spent our one night in Liverpool drinking, dancing and enjoying the history of this legendary club. While in the middle of around the 60th Beatles cover by the man on stage, it hit me that every single person in that room was searching for something bigger than themselves. They were all trying to reach back in time 60 years to feel apart of it all. Everyone is reaching for just a hint of the mystery or fame or notoriety to rub off on them so they can say “I was there”.

I’ve long thought The Beatles were a vastly overrated band with their talent and influence given far too much credit but that night, in that bar I saw people from all over the world, ages 18-80 dancing and singing and feeling something. Together.

Yours Politely, Natalie


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