Where Have All The Female Journalists Gone?

I’m currently taking an opinion writing class as part of my major and in it, we talked about the discrepancy between the amount of women and minorities in journalism schools versus the amount that are actually working in newsrooms across the country. This has really stuck with me since then seeing as I am a minority female journalist (looks like I hit the jackpot). 

What my professor said was that although women overwhelmingly outnumber men in schools like mine, UNT’s Mayborn School of Journalism , when they get to the newsroom, something makes women leave.

This isn’t that surprising when you look at the history of media industries. With the “Mad Men” past of the advertising world and the “Boys Club” that was (is?) the print media world, it’s no wonder women and minorities feel unwelcome, perhaps they still are.

I decided to look this up after listening to my Race, Gender and the Media class discuss how unfair the media world portrays women. If we don’t have women in newsrooms, how will we ever get accurate representation?

According to an article published by The Washington Post, my professor was right. They looked into the annual newsroom census (below) and discovered that newsrooms are still about two-thirds male and as for supervisors, 65.4% are male.

Taken from The Washington Post, “Is journalism really a male-dominated field? The numbers say yes.” Amy Joyce

This is bad news for thousands of aspiring female journalists like me and should be worrisome to everyone. Without female an minority voices, you’re not getting the whole story.

What I want to know is why. Is it the lack of support from male bosses? The threat of sexual assault? Or is it something far too common in all fields, we just don’t make the same kind of money.

Taken from BuzzFeed, “Here’s What Female And Male Journalists Actually Make”

According to BuzzFeed, its the latter. Just like in Hollywood and your local doctor’s office, women just can’t seem to get equal pay, an isn’t it about damn time we do something to change that?


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