Creating Our Own Reality?

Everyone is guilty of flipping channels only to find that the only thing on is Kardashian or Teen Mom reruns and getting sucked into a multi-episode reality TV spiral. And that’s nothing to be ashamed of, in moderation.

Reality TV is addicting. I don’t know if it’s the yelling or the fancy hair and clothing or maybe just the way it allows us to look into the lives of people we would never otherwise cross paths with. Whatever it is, it lets us escape the world of mundane schoolwork or family life and enter into one of stolen boyfriends and intense girl on girl drama.

I’m not someone who denounces all who watch as anti-feminist drama queens but I can recognize the impact these shows have on our society. By portraying “real” women as catty and men-obsessed its not only setting a bad example for young girls and women but for grown men who then view women that way; and in a male-dominated society, this can be a big problem. 

When media corporations think that all women want from TV is petty trash TV and lifetime movies about unrealistic love stories, they are denying that women are complex, intelligent and capable members of society. When we watch these shows weekly and with the vigor of some Twitter superfans, we’re telling them their right and that it is profitable.

Women are interested in politics and math and the future of our world and we need to show these old white guys sitting around a table at CBS that we want more than just another season of The Bachelor. We want strong female leads and multidimensional characters who aren’t afraid to be a bad ass.

But that doesn’t mean that occasionally, we can’t snuggle into our couches, grab a bottle of wine and find out what exactly went wrong between Kourtney and Scott.

Yours Politely, Natalie


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