Feminists Don’t Have Time for Your Masculinity Crisis

Men are angry, horrible creatures whose main goal in life is to suppress women’s rights and step over people on the fight to the top. Right?

At least that’s what certain sects of fourth wave feminism wants you to think.

Why? Because it’s easier to vilify men and blame them personally for the perpetuation of the patriarchy than to look deeper at the real issues.

The fact is that men commit suicide at a rate of nearly four times that of women and represent 77.5% of all suicides, according to the CDC. Additionally, boys are four times more likely to be kicked out of school and two times more likely to receive special education, primarily for things like ADD and dyslexia.

They make up 93.3% of America’s prisoners and nearly 1 in 20 of all prisoners report being raped or sexually assaulted while locked up.

But who cares, right? They’ve got the patriarchy! They have fair wages! Women have real issues to deal with.


These are real issues and they’re issues that every feminist should care deeply about. When we get it into our heads that men are the enemy, we’re doing everyone a disservice. No man alive today created the patriarchy or is responsible for the way their society raised them.

“The three most destructive words that every man receives when he is a boy is when he’s told to be a man.” – JOE EHRMANN 

Men are taught from childhood that they must learn to “be a man” and to not be a sissy. They’re told that to be emotional and vulnerable is to be weak and so they learn how to suppress it. They learn to play the role of “MAN”.

The gender boxes we, men and women and everyone in between, live in and the roles we’re taught to play are something that become second nature to us as we grow. They become so inherent that many of us don’t know where the mask ends and our true selves begin.


This is almost undoubtedly harder on men and it’s nearly impossible to step out of the masculinity box without major losses.

That’s not to say that women have it easy but they do have more flexibility in the modern definition of “WOMAN”.

The consequences of strict masculinity is that men never learn to deal with their emotions and they usually end up surfacing in the form of aggression. There’s a reason that the majority of violent crimes are perpetrated by men. You can only suppress so much before something sets you off. Also, are taught through sports that aggressive competition results in reward.

Men are also cut off from real human connection. How often have you heard a group of men sitting around sharing feelings and talking about their deepest secrets? I’m guessing a hell of a lot less than hearing them talk about which girl from work they’d rather bang.


This is all due to gender conditioning and if you think that this has nothing to do with the patriarchy and the suppression of women’s rights then you’re fooling yourself.

Basically, we give men all the neccessary tools to oppress women and act violently and then we yell at them when they do.

Bottom line: Feminism is about fighting for gender equality and to leave half the population out of the battle is to do a disservice to everyone.

Yours Politely, Natalie


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